"Amateur Mom Needs Cash To Fix Piece Of Shit Car"






I had to go to the drugstore one evening and I saw Jackie working the cash register. I looked around for a bit and then grabbed what I needed. As I was walking up to the checkout stand, I noticed some guy working the stand. Where was Jackie? I purchased my shit and then walked out to the parking lot towards my car. I noticed that someone was having trouble with their car because they were looking underneath the hood. (I know a little about cars due to my Dad being an auto mechanic and teaching me shit all throughout my life).....so I went over to offer assitance. Come to find out....It was Jackie! I offered her a ride but she told me that she'd walk home since she only lived 15 minutes away. Anyway, I stopped the car beside her as she was walking home and offered a ride once more. This time she agreed so I took her home.

The next day, I went back to her house to see how her car was doing. She told me that she doesn't make much money at the drugstore so I offered to fix her car in exchange for her modeling for the site. She told me that with the christmas holiday and spending expenses.....she could really save the money by having me do it instead of going to the mechanic shop so she gave it some thought and decided to go for it! The only thing that was holding her back was that she caught her 19 year old son (Dave) looking at porn sites a couple of weeks ago and she was sooooo afraid of him possibly seeing his Mom nude on the internet.

By the way "Dave"....If you see this....no hard feelings bro. Your Mom AGREED to model nude for the site dude. Enjoy the christmas present that she bought you with my money bro. Merry Christmas to all...(and to "Dave")

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