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I was working on the computer one night and I received an instant message from this woman. I had never met her before so I curiously asked who she was and why she was contacting me. She told me that she had seen my website and that she wanted to know if she could be on it. Come to find out, her friend had modeled for the site before and that's how she ended up contacting me. She has never modeled nude before and she told me that she's always wanted to try it but just never persued it. She's only been working for two weeks as a beginning laborer at a construction company so she doesn't make alot of money. That's another reason why she wanted to model. She needed extra money to help with her expenses. Raising two teenage boys can be quite expensive. Don't be fooled though.....just because she's never modeled before doesn't make her "innocent" by any means! She told me at our shoot that she has fucked 10 guys out of the 12 guys from her construction crew!


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